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The building BCM I of the Moldavská Business Center and its facilities meet even the highest demands for A+ business category office premises. Thanks to its 9 floors and a total of more than 8,000 square meters of rentable area it can accommodate both small and large businesses.

Included services:

  • Security service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning you will have unlimited access to your office
  • Trouble-free parking with a total of 100 parking spaces on the outside and in the underground garage
  • Barrier-free access
  • Card based access and security system and a CCTV system for both interior and exterior premises including parking lots and garages which protects your business and property
  • Non-stop technical maintenance service
  • Cleaning service
  • Temperature regulation using state-of-the-art heating and air-conditioning systems
  • 2 smaller lifts for people, 1 large capacity lift
  • Modern fire-prevention systems
  • High-speed optical network connection


If necessary we will modify the configuration of the premises to suit your business as much as possible.

The building BCM I of Moldavská Business Center is an intelligent building with air-conditioning, independent temperature regulation and modern IT systems which will protect your business and make it more efficient.

On the 1st floor there is a café suitable for business meetings with clients, and a restaurant that can provide comfortable catering to your employees.


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